Evaluating Cisco vs Microsoft Unified Communications

So I’m being unbiased this week let me tell you about a recent Cisco posting regarding evaluating unified communications from Microsoft and Cisco.  Could have sworn I just read a document this week stating the long-term partnership between both organisations!!!  What do you think?

The introduction of this document includes “However, not all unified communications solutions are equal, for either end users or the IT organizations that must implement and support them. Interest in Microsoft Unified Communications and the recently announced Communications Server “14” (or Wave 14) stems from promises that a software-only-based communications strategy for business lowers costs and provides greater functionality. Microsoft also asserts that Communications Server 14 is an enterprise-ready telephony solution. This approach is appealing on the surface, but less-mature solutions may have incomplete functionality; may not be reliable enough for most business deployments; and may not deliver on the promised cost savings.

In the document 10 significant differences between Cisco and Microsoft solutions is highlighted.

1. Mature unified communications capabilities

2. Commitment to interoperability

3. Robust, extensible presence and instant messaging

4. Deployment and operational simplicity

5. Security

6. Contact center

7. High availability

8. Innovative mobile device support

9. Expert pre- and postsales support

10. Vision

Find the original posting here.  What do you think?

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